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Owner of Project Gallery 90, Kate specialises in landscapes, nudes and still life paintings. She works with oil paint and gouache to create moody, bold and dramatic pieces that capture light and intentionality. Kate graduated from the National Art School in the 90s and has since been both a practicing painter and curator. Kate has offered her fine art consulting services for several corporate fit outs and private collections, as well as exhibiting her own work in shows in NSW and across Australia.

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Group exhibitions

1994: TAP Gallery

1997: Istral Gallery, Sydney

          Gallery Savah, Sydney

2001: Alta Gallery, Sydney

2002: Studio Show, Sydney

2006: Lennox Street Studio, Sydney

2007: Lennox Street Studio, Sydney

2009: Gallery @28, Sydney

2011: Gallery @28, Sydney

2013: Queen Street Gallery

2015: St Cloche group show; 'Art in the boudoir'

2018: Project Gallery 90, Sydney

2019: Project Gallery 90 ‘Small works show’

2020: Project Gallery 90 'Ode to Colour'

2021: Project Gallery 90 'Inside & Outside'

2021: Project Gallery 90 'Through The Trees'

2021: Project Gallery 90 'Xmas Group Show'

2022: Project Gallery 90 'Nude Again'

2022: Project Gallery 90 '30x30 & Ceramics'

2022: Project Gallery 90 'Xmas Small works show'

2023: Project Gallery 90 'Bare'

2023: Project Gallery 90 'Shucked'

2023: Project Gallery 90 'Something Sicilian'

Solo Exhibitions

1996: ‘The Studio’

1997: Anita Ellis Gallery, Sydney

          Gallery Savah, Sydney

          Glenmore Galleries, Sydney

2008: Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney ‘Upon Reflection’

2010: Gallery @ 28; ‘Where The Light Touches’

2014: Queen Street Gallery; ‘Cloud Chaser’

2016: Studio 426; 'Inside out'

2017: Crawford Gallery; ‘Luminous’

2018: Crawford Gallery; ‘Into the Forest’

2019: Project Gallery 90; ‘Light in the Dark’

2019: Project Gallery 90 ‘Breast to Branches’

2020: Project Gallery 90 'Trees & Objects'

2021: Project Gallery 90 'Chasing Clouds'

2022: Project Gallery 90 'From The Ledge To The Table'

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