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‘An investigation into the beauty of the everyday’

Originally trained as a professional theatre photographer, Tracey Schramm has recently channeled her creative energy into her love of oil painting. Her works insightfully shed light on the beauty of ordinary objects, cultivating a conversation between simple items within each painting.

Still Lifes:
Tracey Schramm’s Oil paintings capture the fleeting beauty of nature’s creations such as blooming flowers and fresh vegetation. These paintings also feature minimalistic objects, often of a culinary variety, personified and archived in carefully composed still lifes. These pieces observe how light and shadow dance around everyday objects.

Interior Spaces:
These pieces explore obscure spaces. These locations are often absent of people, focusing more on the structure and persona of the space itself as well as the way shadow will transform a room.

Artist History:
Tracey Schramm is a Sydney Based Photographer working in the medium of both silver based and digital media. She is also a painter specialising in an oil based medium, who favours still lifes as her chosen subject matter. Studied for 4 years Professional Photographic Diploma TAFE Broadway. Lives with her family in Drummoyne, Sydney Australia. At the age of 24 years old began working as a freelance photographer, working as a stills photographer on feature films and television. Then specialising in stills for theatre. Her first theatre production was for Belvoir Street Theatre, Les Enfants du Paradis starring Geoffrey Rush. In 1993 became production photographer for Phantom of the Opera produced by Cameron Mackintosh /Really Useful Company Melbourne. In 1994 began a long working relationship with the Sydney Theatre Company as there Production Stills Photographer. Plays such as Oleanna starring Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett in one of her first plays after NIDA. Over the years have photographed many productions, working with Australia’s finest actors such as Ruth Cracknell, John Bell, Bryan Brown, Gary McDonald, Jackie Weaver, Barry Otto, Rose Byrne, Pamela Rabe the list is long. Working with so many talented actors and production professionals who work behind the scenes of theatre. Tracey also became the Sydney Opera House Resident photographer responsible for promoting and archiving many events at the House. Other Clients include Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Bell Shakespeare Company, Stables Theatre, Belvoir Theatre, Lyric Theatre, Marion Street Theatre, Glen Street Theatre, Really Useful Company, and University of Sydney.

1996-2001 lectured at 3 Arts Makeup Centre on photography makeup and lighting.
1998-2001 lectured at University of Sydney, Centre for Performance Studies –photography stills and performance.

Tracey is as the current production photographer for ATYP, a role she has been in since 1990.

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​Tracey Schramm: Text
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Painting Art Prizes
2023 Ravenswood Art Prize finalist - Interior Painting
2022 Korean Art Prize finalist - Interior Painting
2021 Gosford Art Prize finalist - Still life Painting
2021 Little Things Art Prize finalist - Still life Painting

Photographic Art Prizes
2020 Ravenswood Womens Art prize finalist - Photography
2018 Finalist Fishers Ghost Art Prize Polpo Sospecco Pesce Rosso
2018 Finalist Kangaroo Valley Art Prize Our Souls have Sight Morandi and Triptych Keith Richards, Phyliss Diller and Tina Turner
2017 Finalist Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize Haunt, Startle and Waylay-Suspended Kohlrabi
2017 Finalist Gosford Art Prize Haunt, Startle and Waylay-Suspended Kohlrabi
2016 Finalist Gosford Art Prize finalist Triptych Still Lifes
2013 Finalist National Photographic Portrait Prize Canberra Les Enfants du Paradis
2013 Finalist Gosford Art Prize Winston Dreaming of Amalfi and Les Enfants du Paradis
2013 Finalist Gosford Art Prize The Red Turban, Highly Commended Tracey Schramm and Debra Green
2012 Finalist Gosford Art Prize Iron Cove
2011 Finalist Moran Photographic Prize Silent Void collaborative work Tracey Schramm, Leanne Harrison-Davies and Debra Green

Exhibiting History

2023 Group Show - ‘Something Sicilian’ - Project Gallery 90

2023 Group Show - ‘Shucked’ - Project Gallery 90

2022 Group Show - Christmas Show - Project Gallery 90

2018 Meddling Glow, Tracey Schramm and Leanne Harrison-Davies Sheffer Gallery

2017 Biographia, Tracey Schramm and Leanne Harrison-Davies Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Nowra

2014 The Artist’s Garden, group exhibition Damien Minton Gallery

2013 Petite Peinture, group exhibition Shepherd Street gallery

2013 Cats Whiskers group exhibition Shepherd Street Gallery

2013 Piccolo Mondo, Tracey Schramm, Leanne Harrison-Davies and Debra Green Shepherd Street Gallery

2011 Listen, Tracey Schramm, Leanne Harrison-Davies and Debra Green Art Systems Wickham Newcastle

1998 Retrospective exhibition Duende theatre stills, celebrating the art of performance at University of Sydney Fisher Library

​Tracey Schramm: Text
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