Try before you buy 

Choose from any available works from our Online Catalogues or from our stock room at the gallery

  1. After a small down payment, have the chosen work sent to and installed in your space

  2. Live with the work for a week (7 days) before you decide to buy your chosen artwork

  3. Should you want to keep the work, simply pay the remaining value​, its that simple!

Additional terms & conditions apply


Rent Artwork

Artworks available for rental solutions

Make your space come alive with beautiful artworks that will fit any project!

Ideal for:

Real Estate (photo shoots, buyer tours, etc.)

Events (corporate or commercial)

and more

A rental rate will be provided relative to the work’s retail price and the rental period 

Delivery and full installation can be provided

Additional terms & conditions apply

Image: work by Peter Berner, background courtesy of WallArt


Artworks as shown on this page may no longer be available for purchase and are for illustrative purposes only.

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Updated: 05/08/2020

All images of artworks on this website are the property of their respective artists.

Permission must be granted by Project Gallery 90 before using images for publications including,

but not limited to, social media posts and public facing content.