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June 2020

Works by Chris Antico

Also featuring 'ZOOM HEADS'

Works by Peter Berner

Coming Soon

May 2020

Works by:
Anne Spencer

May 2020

Works by:
Adrienne Richards
Ingrid Haydon

May 2020

Works by:
Alex Scheibner | Nicola Mason | Rhett Brewer | Willemina Villari | Simon Palmer | Ahn Wells | 
Peter Berner | Yvonne Langshaw | 
Sally Stokes |  Kate Hopkinson-Pointer | 
Chris Antico  | Samantha Tidbeck

May 2020

Prints by various artists courtesy of Cicada Press.
Includes a preface about printmaking by Michael Kempson, head of printmaking at UNSW and director of Cicada Press
Updated: 13/05/20

Apr - May 2020

21st century etchings and lithographs by:
Reg Mombassa

Updated 23/04/20

April 2020

Works by:
Chris Antico | Simon Palmer | Peter Berner | Yvonne Langshaw  |  Nahomi Yoshizawa | Jessica Guthrie | Sally Stokes  |  Anne Spencer | Geoff Ireland | Ingrid Haydon | Kevin Low

Mar - Apr 2020

Works by: 

Peter berner

Updated: 14/04/20

Feb - Mar 2020

Works by: 
Ron McBurnie
Rhett Brewer

Febuary 2020

Works by:
Michael Herron

Nov - Dec 2019

Works by:
Alison Mackay
Nicola Mason

November 2019

Works by:
Jacqualine Breakspear

Oct - Nov 2019

Works by:
Simon Palmer

October 2019

Works by:
Kate Hopkinson-Pointer

September 2019

Works by:
Samantha Tidbeck

September 2019

Works By: 

Kate Hopkinson-Pointer | Simon Palmer
Peter Berner | Cicada Press

August 2019

Works By:
Pamela French | Julia Flanagan 
Cath Beynon | Lynne Flemons

August 2019

Works by:
Sally Stokes
Yvonne Langshaw


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