Since opening in mid 2018 Project Gallery 90 has exhibited works from over 50 individual artists! We are proud to support and show the creations of many up and coming artists as well as foster a love for the arts at approachable price points. 

Project Gallery 90 has the honour of housing and curating works of several artists, as well as a collection of prints courtesy of Cicada Press.

All exhibitions are lovingly curated by the gallery's proprietor Kate Hopkinson-Pointer. With over 20 years experience and passion for curation, Kate brings the space to life with works by artists carefully picked to suit the space and tastes of our local clientele. 

We at the Gallery are avid believers in liveliness. As such, we typically cycle our exhibitions every two weeks! Updates as such are publicised via our Home and Exhibitions pages as well as via our extensive digital mailing and social media outlets. If you are interested to join our mailing list, please Subscribe to receive occasional updates regarding new exhibitions and more. 

Works by Simon Palmer
Front shot, works by Anne Spencer
Vacant shot 1
Peter Berner with his work
Works by Allison Mackay
External shot
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Updated: 25/09/2020

All images of artworks on this website are the property of their respective artists.

Permission must be granted by Project Gallery 90 before using images for publications including,

but not limited to, social media posts and public facing content.