Project GalleryⓇ 2019.


Since opening in mid 2018 Project Gallery 90 has exhibited works from over 50 individual artists! We are proud to support and show the creations of many up and coming artists as well as foster a love for the arts at approachable price points. 

Project Gallery 90 has the honour of housing and curating works of several artists, as well as a collection of prints courtesy of Cicada Press; for sale both in store and a collection available via our Stockroom page.

Whilst we offer the space as artist run for certain projects, many exhibitions are lovingly curated by the gallery's proprietor Kate Hopkinson-Pointer. With over 20 years experience and passion for curation, Kate brings the space to life with works by artists carefully picked to suit the space and tastes of our local clientele. 

We at the Gallery are avid believers in liveliness. As such, we typically cycle our exhibitions every two weeks! Updates as such are publicised via our Home and Exhibitions pages as well as via our extensive digital mailing and social media outlets. If you are interested to join our mailing list, please Subscribe to receive occasional updates regarding new exhibitions and more. 

Below is information on our suppliers as well as legacy information regarding space rental Ts&Cs



The Artwine label was established in 2008 by Judy & Glen Kelly. They spent many years planting alternative varieties on their Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills vineyards. Artwine has two vineyards, one with vineyard accommodation in the Clare Valley and a third vineyard housing our architecturally designed Cellar Door in the Adelaide Hills at 72 Bird in Hand Road, Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. "Our major focus and passion are the new-modern emerging varieties that offer new and exciting wines to consumers. We firmly believe that Australia's future lies in creating lighter, more food friendly wines and we are dedicated to producing these new varieties to offer to existing wine drinkers and embrace new wine drinkers". In just a few short years they have achieved an amazing 12 trophies!

All wine provided by Project Gallery 90 is proudly distributed by

X Wine and Z Pty Ltd. To find out more please feel free to browse their website:



Please note that Project Gallery 90 no longer offers the space to rental clients; all proposals will unfortunately be declined.


Project Gallery 90 is protected under public liability insurance, showpiece insurance is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor/s. 

The 40% deposit for the arranged rental period is non-refundable. 


Minimum rental period is 7 days, there is a 10% surcharge applicable to the chosen rate (A, B or C as listed in the FEE STRUCTURE section on quote/invoice) to rent the space for the minimum period. 


Exhibitor/s are required to manage all sales transactions via the Eftpos terminal provided unless prior arraignment is made. 


Showpiece/s the exhibitor/s wish to be displayed in the window section of the space must be approved by Project Gallery 90. 


Delivery, hanging and removal of showpieces at the close of show is the responsibility of the exhibitor/s unless prior arrangement has been made. 


Exhibitor/s are permitted to be open to the public during standard business hours any day of the week, prior confirmation is required should the exhibitor/s elect to open at other times. Events (such as opening nights) and any activity outside standard business hours must be kept within common courtesy standards as applicable to public zoning. 

*The space must be in found condition upon end of rental period. Exhibitors are liable for any damage to the space including, but not limited to, condition of the walls and floors. The keys and damages bond is required alongside the deposit to ensure this. The bond will be returned to exhibitor/s at the end of the rental period only if the space is in found condition. 


Payments for show pieces made via the facilitated Eftpos terminal will be payable to Exhibitor/s within seven days from the end date of the rental period.  


Costs for additional services and refund of bond will also be settled within seven days from the end date of the rental period, receipt to reflect amounts payable (Eftpos transactions, bond refund) with amounts due (additional services).